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Sony julkaisee huippukompaktin, tukevarakenteisen ja vedenpitävän RX0-kompaktikameran – uutuus vie legendaarisen RX-kuvanlaadun paikkoihin, jonne muut kamerat eivät uskalla

Lehdistötiedote   •   Elo 31, 2017 14:15 EEST

Sony esittelee moniyksikköisen ja moninäkymäisen kuvauksen luomaan ennennäkemättömän kuvauskokemuksen.

  • Korkealaatuinen kuvaustekniikka huippukompaktissa ja vahvassa rungossa: vedenpitävä[i],[ii], iskunkestävä[iii],i ja puristusta[iv],i kestävä runko.
  • 1.0-tyypin pinorakenteinen 15.3MP[v] Exmor RSCMOS -kuvakenno
  • ZEISS® TessarT* 24mm[vi] F4 kiinteä laajakulmaobjektiivi, jonka maksimi suljinnopeus on 1/32000 sekunnissa ja kamera kykenee kuvaamaan jopa 16 fps[vii] kuvataajuudella. 
  • Luovien videotoimintoja, kuten 40-kertainen hidastuskuva[viii], Picture Profile (S-Log2), 4K[ix], puhdas HDMI-ulostulo.
  • Multi-kamerahallinta moninäkymäiseen kuvaukseen joko johdolla tai langattomasti.

Kamera tulee jälleenmyyjille myyntiin lokakuussa 2017 ja suositushinta on noin 850 euroa.

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Koko tiedote englanniksi:

Sony today announced a new type of camera which enables entirely new imaging possibilities, and inspires an unprecedented scope of expression from all who take it in hand. The RX0 (model name: DSC-RX0) marries the hallmark leading image quality of the Sony RX series with advanced photo and video capabilities, all compressed into a robust and ultra-compact body.

Designed to facilitate creative photographic and videographic expression beyond current limitations, RX0 is equally adept at shooting still images, filming video or can be used as part of a multi-camera set-up to create an inspiring series of images, videos and super slow motion footage from a multitude of different perspectives. Its miniature dimensions and all-around versatility maximise freedom to tackle photographic and videographic challenges in new ways, always with the assurance of high quality results.

Weighing just 110g[x] and measuring 59mm x 40.5mm x 29.8mm (WxHxD)[xi], RX0 redefines how small and light a premium compact camera can be. It can be used as a standalone camera for capturing photos or videos in any shooting conditions including the rain, underwater, or in sandy or dusty environments and is equally adept as a part of a multi-camera setup to shoot subjects from a variety of different viewpoints.

Stimulating imaginations

In addition to conventional bullet-time and time-slice shooting, the RX0multi-camera shooting solution opens the door to a new world of imaging opportunity and can be organised in a number of different ways. Sony’s wireless radio commander, the FA-WRC1M can be used to trigger up to fifteen[xii] RX0’s. The PlayMemories™ Mobile[xiii] app allows up to five RX0 models to be connected wirelessly and the perfectly balanced form factor means that units can easily be secured in tough shooting positions to capture incredible new perspectives. A wireless multi-camera shooting solution capable of connecting further RX0 units when an access point is used[xiv] is currently being developed and will be released in January 2018 via a firmware update. For users looking for a more reliable wired connection, a camera control box is also being developed and will be released in January 2018.

Power packed

RX0 is packed full of advanced Sony technology and features a 1.0-type stacked 15.3MPvi Exmor RSCMOS image sensor, BIONZ X® processor and a wide-angle ZEISS® Tessar T* 24mm F4 fixed lens to deliver high resolution and less distortion results for both RAW and JPEG stills and across all supported video formats. It has an Anti-Distortion Shutter of up to 1/32000 second and can shoot at up to 16fps, meaning that even fast moving objects are beautifully and accurately rendered. For those looking to capture the decisive moments of daily life, the compact nature of RX0 means that usage is as unobtrusive as possible, thus maximising the possibility for natural, high quality shooting.

RX0 is waterproofi,ii at depths of up to 10 metres and when used with the new MPK-HSR1Housing, can be used down to a staggering 100 metres depth.[xv] It is shockproofiii,i when dropped from up to 2 metres and crushproofiv,i to 200kgf / 2000N, making it durable enough to withstand shooting in difficult situations where traditional cameras simply cannot go. Users can now produce content that simply has previously not been possible and the rain, sand and space-limited or dusty environments are no longer a barrier.

Video Excellence

The RX0 was conceived as a camera that is just as useful to the videographer as the photographer and this spirit manifests itself with a host of creative video features delivering stunning videoresults. For those who want to incorporate super slow motion footage,viii the RX0 offers the opportunity to shoot at up to 1000 frames per second, offering the opportunity to transform even the most mundane moment into something spectacular. For production flexibility, you can use 4K clean HDMI output to record uncompressed video to an external recorder. With both MF Assist and Peaking Functions, the focus can be precisely adjusted to your exact specifications and Picture Profile options and S-Log2 offer creative freedom to deliver the end result that you envisioned in your mind. Time Code / User Bit features provide an essential tool for multi-camera shoots in particular, making the editing process a much easier experience, and Preset Focus options add a true element of control to a shoot.

Full Range of Accessories

To maximise the potential of RX0, a host of new accessories to support new ways of shooting have also been launched. These include the VCT-CGR1Cage for increased system flexibility, the MPK-HSR1 Housing, enabling the RX0 to be taken down to depths of up to 100 metres underwater,xvi the CPT-R1Cable Protector,VF-SPR1Spare Lens Protector, VFA-305R1 Filter Adaptor Kit which includes filter adaptor, lens hood and MC protector,NP-BJ1 Rechargeable Battery Pack and ACC-TRDCJ Accessory Kit. Details of pricing and availability of the new accessories can be seen at

Pricing and Availability

RX0 will start to ship in Europe in October 2017, priced at approximately €850. Full technical specifications can be viewed here. Pricing and availability of the new accessories can be viewed on your local Sony website.

[i] Depending on usage conditions and circumstances, no guarantee is made regarding damage to, malfunction of, or waterproof performance of this camera

[ii]Compliant with JIS/IEC protection levels (based on Sony tests). Shooting in depths of up to 10 metres is possible for up to 60 minutes (JIS: Japan Industrial Standards; IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission)

[iii] Capable of withstanding a fall of 2.0 metres from MIL-STD-810G C1 Method 516.7-Shock compliant 5 cm plywood (based on Sony tests)

[iv]Capable of withstanding a load of 200kgf /2000N (based on Sony tests)

[v] Approximate effective megapixels

[vi] 35mm equivalent

[vii] In Speed Priority Continuous mode. Focus and exposure settings fixed at first shot

[viii]Up to 1000fps super slow motion can be recorded. Image quality approaches Full HD quality at 250fps in Quality Priority mode. Sound cannot be recorded when shooting slow motion and setting conditions of focus, exposure, focus area, frame rate and other settings are fixed when start shooting. Micro SDHC/ Micro SDXC memory card of Class 10 or higher is required

[ix] QFHD:3840×2160

[x] Approximate weight with battery and media included

[xi] Approximate dimensions

[xii] Wireless Radio Receiver FA-WRR1 and Multi Terminal Cable VMC-MM1 are required

[xiii] For smartphone or Tablet. Latest version is required

<a href="#_ednref14"&gt;[xiv]&lt;/a&gt; Depending on the specifications of an access point, smartphone or tablet to be used as well as the radio wave environment of the installation location, the number of devices that can be connected will vary

[xv] Under water, the shortest focal distance is increased, causing the angle of field to be narrower

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