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SWPA 2021 - Avoimen kilpailun voittajat ja finalistit julkistettu

Lehdistötiedote   •   Maalis 18, 2021 14:30 EET

The World Photography Organisation is delighted to announce this year’s category winners and shortlist in the Open competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2021, recognising the best single images from 2020.

Over 100 photographers were shortlisted in the 2021 competition alongside ten category winners. Each winner receives the latest digital imaging equipment from Sony to develop their vision and will go on to compete for the prestigious Open Photographer of the Year titleand a $5,000 (USD) reward.

The overall Open winner will be announced on the 15th April. Winning and shortlisted work will be presented in the form of a virtual exhibition available to view via the World Photography Organisation website from the 15thApril.

The ten category winners are:


Klaus Lenzen (Germany) for The Blue Window, depicting a ramp of stairs at the Hyatt hotel in Düsseldorf ascending towards a window from which a view of clear blue skies is reflected. Seemingly floating in space, the stairs and window are framed in dark shadows that highlight the design while also adding an element of surrealism.


Tamary Kudita (Zimbabwe) for African Victorian, a portrait of a young black woman dressed in Victorian dress and holding traditional Shona cooking utensils. The image probes at stereotypical contextualising of the black female body and offers an alternative visual language through which a multifaceted African identity is presented.


Juan López Ruiz (Spain) for Electric Storm on Lavender, a dramatic photograph capturing the moment lighting strikes a flowering field of lavender with a solitary tree at its centre, set against a dusky evening sky. Taken in the province of Guadalajara, Spain


Mariano Belmar Torrecilla (Spain) for Dias de playa, a softly focused picture of two women enjoying a morning walk on the beach in Alicante, Spain.

Marijo Maduna (Croatia) for Girl Power, a black & white photograph recording the moment when a woman dives off a cliff on the island of Lokrum near Dubrovnik, Croatia, while her friends stand-by and watch.


Cristo Pihlamäe (Estonia) for Little Kiss, an amusing picture of a hare looking out into the field with its tongue sticking out.


Kata Zih (Hungary) for Memento, depicting a tailor’s mannequin in an empty room. For Zih, the stillness of the scene evokes a feeling of solitude and stirs up memories of lockdown.


Lyudmila Sabanina (Russian Federation) for Son, featuring a young child sitting on a table while gazing into space, lost in contemplation. The photograph shows another side to childhood, one of calmness and reflection.


F. Dilek Uyar (Turkey) for Disinfection, a cinematic image documenting an employee of the Health Affairs unit of Ankara Municipality in protective gear walking along the train platform while spraying it with disinfectant.


Khanh Phan (Vietnam) for Drying Fish, a photograph of a lone woman surrounded by hundreds of trays of drying fish in the Long Hai fish market in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam. Taken from above the pattern, of the fish in trays resembles a large piece of fabric with the woman seemingly weaving it all together.

This year’s Open competition was judged by Gastón Deleau, Director, FOLA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The overall winners of the Open, Professional, Student and Youth competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 will be announced on the 15 April 2021 via the World Photography Organisation’s digital and video platforms. For more information about winners and shortlists please visit


Category Winner:

  • Klaus Lenzen, Germany


  • Farshid Ahmadpour,, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Abdulla Al-Mushaifri, Oman
  • Steffen Ebert, Germany
  • Simone Hutsch, Germany
  • Vytenis Jankūnas, United States
  • Klaus Lenzen, Germany
  • Kunkun Liu, China Mainland
  • Aleksandr Lefler, Russian Federation
  • Jordan McChesney, Canada
  • Da Miane, Georgia
  • Jose Pessoa Neto, Portugal
  • Holger Ostwald, Germany
  • Ashwani Sarda, India
  • Vitaly Medvedev, Russian Federation


Category Winner:

  • Mariano Belmar, Spain


  • Antonino Barone, Italy
  • Isabela Teresa Basilio Neri, Brazil
  • Gemma Brunton, United Kingdom
  • Holger Bücker, Germany
  • Stefano Butturini, Italy
  • Aimee Glucina, New Zealand
  • Michail Karagiannis, Greece
  • Hamed Rahmati, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Alexey Tsiler, Russian Federation
  • Brad Walls, Australia


Category Winner:

  • Lyudmila Sabanina, Russian Federation


  • Frederic Aranda, United Kingdom
  • Shirsendu Banerjee, India
  • Paul Benns, United Kingdom
  • Bella von Einsiedel, Germany
  • Reinis Fjodorovs, Latvia
  • Sabbir Hossen, Bangladesh
  • Zeng Jinwen, China Mainland
  • Heun Jung Kim, South Korea
  • Justin Keene, United Kingdom
  • King Mtambisi, Zimbabwe
  • Rhianna Payne, United Kingdom
  • Jose Pessoa Neto, Portugal
  • Elif Öztürk, Turkey
  • Mireia Vilaplana, Spain


Category Winner:

  • Tamary Kudita, Zimbabwe


  • Edita Bízová, Czech Republic
  • Tatenda Chidora, Zimbabwe
  • Maximilien Diaz, France
  • Vyacheslav Ivanov, Russian Federation
  • Ali Jamshidi,, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Joosep Kivimäe, Estonia
  • Angiolo Manetti, Italy
  • Jarod Mauws, Belgium
  • Alireza Movahedi, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Hoije Nuuter, Estonia
  • Nara O'Neil, Australia
  • Jing Shen, China Mainland
  • Georgе Shpuntov, Russian Federation
  • Kylli Sparre, Estonia


Category Winner

  • Marijo Maduna, Croatia


  • Sandi Bertoncelj, Slovenia
  • Hersley-Ven Casero, The Philippines
  • Serkan Çolak, Turkey
  • Tadiwanashe Murowe, Zimbabwe
  • Mary Nhoileen Maypa, The Philippines
  • Ruud Peters, The Netherlands
  • Daniel Portch, United Kingdom
  • Zdeněk Vošický, Czech Republic
  • Brad Walls, Australia
  • Xianshe Ye, China Mainland


Category Winner:

  • Kata Zih, Hungary


  • Steve Chandler, United Kingdom
  • Christian Holz, Argentina
  • Uwe Langmann, Germany
  • Klaus Lenzen, Germany
  • Agata Mroczek, Poland
  • Paolo Paccagnella, Italy
  • Stefan Pankow, United Kingdom
  • Ann Petruckevitch, United Kingdom
  • Manuel Schmidt, Germany
  • Masumi Shiohara, Japan


Category Winner:

  • Khanh Phan, Vietnam


  • Marios Forsos, Greece
  • Alexis Guevara, Mexico
  • Graeme Haunholter, Canada
  • Martina Lo Casto, Italy
  • Rune Mattsson, Norway
  • Hiroki Nose, Japan
  • Yukihito Ono, Japan
  • Franz Sußbauer, Germany
  • F.Dilek Uyar, Turkey
  • Min Min Zaw, Myanmar
  • Manfred Voss, Germany
  • Milosz Wilczynski, Poland


Category Winner:

  • Juan López Ruiz, Spain


  • Luca Donegani, Italy
  • Kevin Frank, Switzerland
  • Jinjing Lyu, China Mainland
  • Joaquin Marco, Spain
  • Andrea Ortiz Diaz, Colombia
  • Mehdi Parsaeian Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Lorenzo Poli, Italy
  • Scott Portelli, Australia
  • James Rushforth, United Kingdom
  • Hans Kristian Strand, Norway
  • Markus Wiedmann, Germany
  • Parker Yost, United States


Category Winner:

  • Cristo Pihlamäe, Estonia


  • Iakovos Thoedoros, Greece
  • Hin Man Au, Hong Kong
  • Amish Chhagan, Zambia
  • Yuta Doto, Japan
  • Arturo de Frias, Spain
  • Tatyana Nemova, Russian Federation
  • Alex Pansier, The Netherlands
  • Alexandre Pietra, Switzerland
  • Mati Puum, Estonia
  • Inger Rønnenfelt, Denmark
  • Koki Shinoda, Japan
  • Andrew Suryono, Indonesia


Category Winner:

  • F.Dilek Uyar, Turkey


  • Dina Alfasi, Israel
  • Dimpy Bhalotia, India
  • David Keith Brown, United States
  • Gary Cummins, Ireland
  • Ramunas Danisevicius, Lithuania
  • Basu Deb, India
  • Tommaso Galli, Italy
  • Vytenis Jankūnas, United States
  • Ares Jonekson, Indonesia
  • Bartlomiej Jurecki, Poland
  • Tomasz Kowalski, Poland
  • Francesco Lopazio, Italy
  • Zhang Weijian, China Mainland
    Soemyint Winn, Myanmar



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